Gaddafi speech threatens to trigger “genocide” in Libya

February 26, 2011

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi calls on supporters to attack anti-government protesters in a televised speech.

Thousands of government supporters responded to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s fiery televised speech late Tuesday by flocking to Green Square, waving their bandanas, carrying machetes and preparing for what appeared to be neighborhood-to-neighborhood searches for protesters in outlying parts of the city.

“It looks like they have been given a green light to kill these people,” a witness told the New York Times.

In a television appearance, the second in two days, Gaddafi urged his supporters to take to the streets and attack protesters who sought to challenge his rule.

“You men and women who love Gaddafi … get out of your homes and fill the streets,” he said. “Leave your homes and attack themin their lairs … Starting tomorrow the cordons will be lifted, go out and fight them.”

He also vowed to fight until the end and die a martyr for the country.

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New Google Algorithm is Live: News Aggregators Will Be Punished

February 26, 2011

Eric Blair & Michael Edwards

Just over a month ago, Google announced that they were changing their algorithm in order toweaken the search engine rankings of sites they deem to be “content farmers.”

Whereas most of Google’s algorithm changes are barely noticeable, the current change that they have been working on since last January will affect 12% of U.S. searches.

There has been much debate about what “content farming” is, and Google has done little to offer a clear explanation, simply stating, “low quality” or “shallow” sites would be affected.  This is similar to the vague definition of pornography — you’ll know it when you see it.

The problem with such a vague approach to what is a strictly defined algorithm is that it leaves too much room for a human interpretation.  And as we have seen, Google has been exposed as having connections to U.S. intelligence agencies, which doesn’t bode well for alternative news sites that aggregate anti-establishment stories from around the web.  Given the other censorship threats facing the Internet, it seems those who might be critical of Internet control and real-time surveillance of average Americans are being targeted.

One definition of content farming sites comes from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land:

– Looks to see what are popular searches in a particular category (news, help topics)

– Generates content specifically tailored to those searches

– Usually spends very little time and or money, even perhaps as little as possible, to generate that content

The first point is particularly troubling for alternative news, since these are the sites who often scour mainstream news to discover which topics are of popular interest so that competing commentary can be offered on a given issue.  Even in the area of “help topics” there are many alternative news sites, such as our own, who focus on tips for survival, protection from economic crisis, advice for privacy protection and personal security, etc.

Again, with the overshadowing definition of “shallow” content, who is deciding this?  Furthermore, point two addresses tailoring content for specific searches, which sounds a lot like the “Google Bombs” introduced by Alex Jones and implemented by others as an effective way to compete with the mainstream media pablum, which focuses heavily on celebrities, sports, and other truly shallow and low quality content.

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Obsession_ Radical Islam’s War Against the West (Documentary, 1hr.length)

February 25, 2011

Is the West Bank next?

February 24, 2011

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expects the US to protect Israel from a Palestinian rebellion, writer says

If Israel refuses to accept a viable peace deal, the revolt sweeping the Arab world will arrive in Palestine.

If Binyamin Netanyahu’s govenment, and its lobby in Washington, were rational they would be rushing to plan Israel’s evacuation from the occupied territories, and encouraging the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

That is because they would understand that the Arab revolution will not stop at the gates of the West Bank, especially when it is the occupation that unites virtually all Arabs and Muslims in common fury.

As for the Palestinians themselves, they are watching the revolutions with a combination of joy and humiliation.  Other Arabs are freeing themselves from local tyrants while they remain under a foreign occupation that grows more onerous every day -particularly in East Jerusalem. While other Arabs revel in what they have accomplished, the Palestinians remain, and are regarded as, victims.

It is not going to last. The Palestinians will revolt, just as the other Arabs have, and the occupation will end.

But it is up to the Israelis to help decide how it will end (just as it was up to the Mubarak government and Egyptian army to decide whether the regime would go down in blood and flames or accept the inevitable).

MJ Rosenberg

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‘I’ll die here as a martyr’: Defiant Gaddafi blames world leaders for violence in rambling TV address

February 23, 2011

  • Gaddafi urges supporters to attack ‘drug addict’ protesters in TV speech
  • Interior minister later defects and encourages ‘revolution’
  • Fleeing residents claim 2,000 killed in Benghazi
  • Oil and gas supplies cut off as dictator ‘orders sabotage’
  • Hopes Libyan dictator would devolve power dashed
  • William Hague announces evacuation of Britons
  • Muslim cleric urges army to shoot Gaddafi to ‘rid Libya of him’

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has insisted he will fight to the ‘last drop of blood’ in a defiant speech that follows days of bloodshed on the streets of his country.

Celebratory gunshots in celebration were heard after Gaddafi’s speech, aired on state TV and on a screen to several hundred supporters in Tripoli’s central Green Square.

It suggests more bloodshed lies ahead after pro-regime gunmen and mercenaries left bodies littering the streets of the capital, after they went on the rampage, shooting on sight anyone found in the streets and opening fire from speeding vehicles.

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Defiant Gaddafi vows to die as martyr

February 22, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi vowed to die in Libya as a martyr in an angry television address on Tuesday, as rebel troops said eastern regions had broken free from his rule in a burgeoning revolt

“I am not going to leave this land, I will die here as a martyr,” Gaddafi said on state television, refusing to bow to calls from his own diplomats, soldiers and protesters clamoring in the streets for an end to his four decades at the helm.

“I shall remain here defiant,” said Gaddafi, speaking outside one of his residences, which was heavily damaged in a 1986 U.S. bombing raid that attempted to kill him.

Outside the building stood a monument of a giant fist crushing a U.S. warplane.

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Fresh violence rages in Libya

February 22, 2011

Protesters say security forces using warplanes and live fire ‘massacred’ them, as UN warns of possible ‘war crimes’.

Libyan forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi are waging a bloody operation to keep him in power, with residents reporting gunfire in parts of the capital Tripoli and other cities, while other citizens, including the country’s former ambassador to India, are saying that warplanes were used to “bomb” protesters.

Nearly 300 people are reported to have been killed in continuing violence in the capital and across the north African country as demonstrations enter their second week.

Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, has warned that the widespread attacks against civilians “amount to crimes against humanity”, and called for an international investigation in possible human rights violations.

Witnesses in Tripoli told Al Jazeera that fighter jets had bombed portions of the city in fresh attacks on Monday night. The bombing focused on ammunition depots and control centres around the capital.

Helicopter gunships were also used, they said, to fire on the streets in order to scare demonstrators away.

Several witnesses said that “mercenaries” were firing on civilians in the city, while pro-Gaddafi forces warned people not to leave their homes via loudspeakers mounted on cars.

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